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  • Access to Learning Center for next scheduled exam, which includes:
  • Study Guide with Assignments at the beginning of each Lesson
  • Concise text and charts in PDF format to keep you focused on the most important regulatory reading
  • Study tools and tips for Valuation, Classification and FTA
  • Lesson Quizzes and Exercises -Automated with valuable tips for increasing your test-taking skills and to measure your reading progress
  • EXAM LAB - Automated Timed Quizzes by Regulatory Section, with grade tracking added to your profile
  • Web Links to all reference materials, government publications, required web reading and many other useful guides.
  • Email Updates regarding exam, materials and other important exam tips.
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CHB Exam Prep eCourse with Remote Class: $1,695.00 - Deadline Sat 6/22/2024 | CHB Renewal | CBP Exam Notice

The U.S. Customs Licensing Exam is difficult to pass. It requires a comprehensive knowledge of the import process, terminology, complete knowledge of the Customs Regulations and an ability to reference the Harmonized Tariff to classify commodities as outlined in the General Notes. Individuals have 3 minutes, on average, to answer each of 80 questions.

Ro Leaphart's CHB Exam Prep (© 1989-2024) is an essential, highly organized, self-study course, designed to prepare you for the government's comprehensive exam. If you completed our introductory course, The Basics of Importing or have had equivalent import training and have read some of the Regulations and the General Notes of the Harmonized Tariff, you're ready to study for the government licensing exam (Find out what you know. Take our FREE placement quiz!). Our CHB Exam Prep course promises you an arduous and challenging adventure. Your success will depend upon your initiative, your stamina and your self-confidence.


ADDITIONAL REFERENCE MATERIALS and SUPPLIES must be purchased separately.

Fall 2024 Class Shopping List as of 06/03/2024: Regs, HTS, 19 USC, and Other Supplies. CBP Broker Management has not yet posted exact references for the Fall 2024 CBLE. Leaphart students should NOT order bound 19 CFR 1-199. Order a Subscription to the Customs Regulations, which provides updates. 19 CFR 200 to end is a bound version. Current listed publisher's prices for reference materials and supplies are listed on the 3rd page of the shopping list. All prices are subject to change. If you have any questions you should feel free to contact us.

The government and legal publications may not be available or may be under revision at the time of order. You cannot begin serious study without these professional reference books.

This study course is ONLY recommended for those individuals who have a college level English language reading ability. English language proficiency is essential to your success as a broker and for achieving a passing grade on the exam. It is recommended that students who lack this level of reading ability complete a college level English course before considering this program. Alternatively for Non-Native English-speaking students, we recommend that you obtain the score of 550 on a paper-based TOEFL or 213 on a computer-based TOEFL.

The "Leaphart Learning Center" works optimally on IBM compatible computers and Apple computers. Enabling pop-ups is required. This course is not available as an app, and designed to function from a desk-top or laptop computer. Downloaded PDFs saved to your computer may be shared with your phone to view or to convert PDF using your phone's audio reader app.



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